Hotels and Accommodation

Hotels and other sleeping establishments must display a notice stating accommodation rates. It must be displayed in a prominent position at the reception or entrance. Maximum and minimum accommodation charges must be stated. Certain other details are required.

Hoteliers must keep a record of guests’ names and nationalities.  The guest’s name and nationality must be recorded on arrival. In the case of non-British and Non-Irish guests, a record of passport number and place of issue is required.

A hotel is potentially liable for loss or damage of a hotel guest’s property. The hotel is not liable where the loss entirely due to the guest’s negligence or due to unavoidable or unpredictable events. It is possible to limit liability to £50 per item or £100 per person provided that the damage does not fall into certain categories and a statutory notice is displayed stating the position. These amounts are £750 and £1500 in the Greater London area.

Gambling Licences

A gambling premises licence is required for premises on which gambling takes place. The licence requires particulars of the layout and details of the premises. If a premises is used temporarily for gambling, a temporary use licence is required. The application is made to the Gambling Commission. There are appeals against gambling licensing decisions to the Gambling Appeals Tribunal.

There are various types of conditions which apply to gambling premises licences. Certain mandatory and default conditions apply to licences for casinos and bingo gaming centres, family entertainment centres, betting and track betting. The terms and conditions must be displayed on the premises and they may not be changed without a fresh application.

Licences are required for amusement and gaming machines. There are various categories. There are limits on stakes and prizes. The correct permit is required for the particular category of machine. Where gaming machines are provided, certain information is required to be displayed.  The sign must show the category of machine, the proportion of charges returned by prizes, the odds of winning, gambling helpline and a warning regarding use by children. Gambling machines must not use credit cards or direct charge.

Categories ABC provide only cash prizes. There are restrictions on non-cash prizes. There are maximum prizes per category. There are restriction on persons committing more than the maximum amount allowed per category.

Licence Duty applies to amusement and gaming machines which can be played in  public. An off course bookmaker must pay general betting levy. Pool betting duty is charged on promoters of the football pool or similar competitions.

Personal Gambling Licence

A personal management licence application fee is required for individuals working in gambling industries and responsible for overall strategy and delivery; financial control and planning; marketing and commercial development or regulatory compliance.

A personal function licence fee is required if an individual in the gaming or gambling industry is  involved  in influencing the outcome of gambling or in the receipt of payment of money in connection with gambling.

There are exemptions from the personal licensing requirements in the gambling business if there are less than three management posts in the business and they are held by persons named in the operating licence.


A business providing climbing, watersports and other adventure activities must have a licence from the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. Licence holders must comply with minimum safety standards in relation to competence and training of staff, safety instructions for participants and instructors, adequate equipment and the emergency provision of first aid.

Off-road motoring events in public places require prior authorisation.

A designated sports ground which accommodates more than 5000 spectators requires a general safety certificate covering the entire ground.

A business which hires out watercraft for personal use of passengers requires a licence . Licences for boats for up to 12  passengers are issued by local authorities .

Many indoor sporting events, boxing and wrestling events at which members of the public attend require a licence from the local authority.

Special Treatments

Special treatments in the Greater London area require a licence. Special treatments include massages,  manicure, acupuncture, cosmetic piercing chiropody light treatments e.g. sunbed elective treatments such as semi-permanent skin colouring.


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